School District Publishes Curriculum Newsletters

According to District Curriculum Director, Dr. Misty McBrierty, one of our wildly important goals for our district this year will be in the area of social emotional learning. These goals will be focused on supporting our teachers in creating a culture for social emotional growth and how to instruct and give feedback on those skills that when developed can lead to empowerment and high productivity of our learners. There is a lot to be understood about this topic and a multi-faceted approach  should be taken systemically to support this effort. We have to start with shifting the mindset and beginning to understand the structural systems work we need to do to support this endeavor. Dr. McBrierty provides information, resources, and links to staff members, and anyone interested in better understanding this important focus through her monthly newsletter, Curriculum Matters.

The public is strongly encouraged to access and read these newletters.  Along with information on social emotional learning and other district initiatives, they are jam packed with interesting and important information that will help parents and community members better understand our school district and our students.

Some of the initiatives and work planned falls under the umbrella of social emotional learning, such as:
Habits of Mind
Restorative Justice
Collaborative Problem Solving
PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports)

Likewise, some of this work has been started in the district already such as Leader in Me at Valley View, Restorative Justice at the high school, and Positive Behavior Intervention and Support at Henry Wilson.

The number one form of discipline in our schools today is shame. To be sensitive to social emotional learning and health, and trauma sensitivity we have to address this critical issue.

Some videos to watch:
The Competitive Advantage of Teamwork with Patrick Lencioni

The Power of Vulnerability - Patrick Lencioni

The Power of Vulnerability with Brene Brown

Listening to Shame with Brene Brown

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