Where in the World has the Puddledock Press Been?

We know from the statistics we get about our online postings that people all over the world access our issues and read them. So now, Puddledock Press readers everywhere can share their love of the Puddledock and for our local readers, their love of travel!

If you are a reader outside of Farmington, take a selfie of you at your location, with the Puddledock Press and send it to us at PuddledockPress at gmail.com.  If you are a Farmington resident, take the Puddledock with you as you travel and send us a selfie of you and the Puddledock, whereever you are, in the state, in the nation, or in the world!  We would love to hear from you and post your picture and your location. If you're camera shy, just tell us where you are and that you enjoy our Community Good News Paper.

Let's see how far we can spread the good news!

View the slideshow on the Puddledock Press Flickr site.

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