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2020 Town Elections

This year, our Town Elections will be held on Tuesday, March 10.  Voting will be at the Town Hall, as usual, and the polls will open at 8:00 AM. 

The Town Meeting will be held on the following day, Wednesday, March 11th at 7:00 PM. 

The Puddledock Press has posted a series of questions for Candidates to answer, if they so choose, so the voters can get to know them a little better and understand their positions so they may make informed decisions when they vote on March 13.  The Questions are posted on the tab at the top of the website marked " Town Elections."  A list of open positions is posted and the answers or statements submitted by the Candidates will be linked to the Candidate's name next to the position they hope to win in the election.  We hope that this service will be of value to our voters and Candidates alike.

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