The Puddledock Press Staff in the early 1990s.

The all volunteer staff of the Puddledock Press outside their storefront office in the Hayward Block on Mechanic Street in the early 1990s.

The first issue of The Puddledock Press.

The very first Puddledock Press, Volume 1, Number 1, was published in December of 1979.

Farmington Town Christmas Party

The Town of Farmington used to have a Town Christmas Party. Here is a 1963 ad from the Farmington News.

Fire trucks outside the Station on Mechanic Street

Mechanic Street Fire Station in its hay day. On the left is the 1942 Seagrave Truck which was given to the town by H.O. Rondeau.

An old group photo hanging in the Puddledock Office.

Back: Ned Parker, Delores Bridge, Mary Cloutman, Henry Johnson; Front: Iola Sabine, Lilliam Emerson

Robert's Drug Store Christmas advertisement in 1906.

Robert's Drug Store was a popular spot in downtown Farmington and sold lots of Farmington post cards.

Old Farmington Town Hall

An old photo of the Farmington Town Hall, which is currently the Recreation Center, as it appeared in an issue of the Farmington News.

Fire Destroys the Trafton Block

The Trafton Block after a fire destroyed it on January 15, 1943. The fire damages totaled $50,000.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Farmington School District Posts Bus Routes for Upcoming 2015-2016 School Year

Farmington Bus Routes 2015-2016

Route 1  Kim B  #2
6:35 A.M: River road, left onto Hornetown Rd, after the Ten Rod Road ,  right onto Meaderboro Rd, turn around, follow Meaderboro Rd to 4 corners,
turn right on Reservoir Road, corner Sheepboro & Reservoir Rd, turn left on Sheepboro Road, turn left onto Crown Point Road, turn left onto Evans Road, turn left onto Meaderboro Road, turn right onto Poor Farm Rd, next onto Henry Wilson Memorial , Farmington High, Valley View, approximately 7:40 A.M.

Route 2   Tammi T  #3
6:40 A.M: Camerons Development, turn right on NH Rt 11, left onto Ridge Road, turn around on Quaker Rd, turn right on Hornetown Rd, Right on Ten Rod Road, turnaround, cross over Ten Rod Road, Flowing Brook,  Blueberry Drive, Flowing Brook, turn Left onto MeetingHouse Hill Rd, onto Henry Wilson Memorial, Farmington High, Valley View, approximately 7:40 A.M.

Route 3 Gil  #16
6:55  A.M: Main Street starting at Montgomery Drive, Crossover NH Rt 11, up Meetinghousehill Road onto Ten Rod Road, turn around, continue on Meetinghousehill Road, turn right at light onto NH Rt ll, turn around at Rochester Line,  next onto Henry Wilson School, Farmington High School, Valley View, approximately 7:40 A.M.

Route  4    Michelle #8
7:05  A.M:  Grondin Drive, end of Golden Circle Drive, turn left on Governor’s Rd, Labrador Drive, left onto Dodge Cross Road, end of Little City Road, turn right on Chestnut Hill Road, onto Henry Wilson Memorial, Farmington High, Valley View, approximately 7:40 A.M.

Route 5    Kim N  #10     
7:20  A.M:   Cochecco Road , 1st & 2nd Entrance to Old  Peacefull Pines, entrance to new Peaceful Pines, turn right on Chestnut Hill, turnaround, Tall Pine Road, Branson Rd,  Brown Rd, White Birch Lane, on to Henry Wilson Memorial, Farmington High, Valley View, approximately 7:45 A.M.

Route  6  Tammy D #7
6:50 a.m:,  end of Milton Rd, turn left on Waldron Rd,  right on Silver Street,  turn around on Curtis Road,  Silver St, turn  right on Waldron Road, end of Fox Trot Road, right onto Cherub Drive, left onto Holly Lane,  right  onto Bay Road , turn around top of hill,  back thru town turn right onto Central Street , left onto Tappan Street, Right onto NH Route 11, Colonial Circle, Trotting Park Road, turn right onto NH Route 11,  Strafford Motel (students must stand by last driveway heading towards Alton, bus no longer will go into the Motels driveway), turn right onto Spring Street,  onto Henry Wilson Memorial, Farmington High, Valley View, approximately 7:35  A.M.

Bus # 1  48 passenger     Lynn #1
All students will be notifiled as to pickup and drop off times.

These times are subject to change


PLEASE  DO NOT DROP OFF students at all schools  BEFORE 7:30 am.
BUSSES will be dropping students off  and picking up students OUTBACK  of the Henry Wilson School by the gym doors.  Parents are to drop off and pickup car rider students OUTFRONT of the Henry Wilson School.


AM Drop off for Valley View Car riders is again OUT FRONT, Busses will be dropping off students in the back of the school.
Dismissal for Valley View School is 2:25 for BUSSES ONLY.  Parents will pick up car riders AFTER  buses exit the school.

Dismissal for Farmington High School is 2:31 pm, Henry Wilson School is 2:35 pm.

Monday, August 3, 2015

The August 2015 Issue is Out Online and Many of Our Fine Farmington Locations

The August edition has been posted on the Farmington Historical Society's Scribd site, and is now available for viewing online. You can view and download and print the issue in color from the Scribd site, if you wish.

Printed hard copies of the August issue are available at most of our fine distribution sites in Farmington right now. The paper will be available at all distribution locations in the next few days.  To find out where to pick up your printed hard copy, check the Find a Puddledock tab on this site, and select Current Edition for the list of our fine Farmington businesses that carry the Puddledock Press!  Don't forget to thank these establishments for carrying the Puddledock, visit them often, and remind them how you appreciate their supporting our paper, and that you'd love to see them advertise in the paper! 

You can view past issues on the Farmington Historical Society's Puddledock Press page.