Eighth Grade Student promoted to Cadet Senior Master Sergeant

On Thursday February 20, 2020, C/MSgt (Cadet Master Sergeant) Sheighlyn J.M. Folger, a 14 year old 8th grade student at Henry Wilson Memorial School in Farmington NH, was promoted to C/SMSgt (Cadet Senior Master Sergeant) Sheighlyn J.M. Folger at the NH-037 Highlanders Cadet Squadron Civil Air Patrol Head Quarters in Rochester, NH.

C/SMSgt Folger was also awarded the Doolittle Achievement Ribbon (named after Gen Jimmy Doolittle). This is an award given to Cadets that have passed Leadership Tests, Aerospace Tests, Fitness Tests Displayed excellent character and maintained attitude, core values, communication skills, sense of responsibility and interpersonal skills while serving the Squadron.  Leading into the new year C/SMSgt Folger was awarded Cadet of the Quarter by the Highlander Squadron.

On February 23, 2020, C/SMSgt will attend NCOLS, Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership School for a week at the NH National Guard Regional Training Facility in Pembroke, NH.

The Civil Air Patrol is the Civilian Auxiliary of the United States Air Force. Civil Air Patrol is for patriots ages 12 and up, Civil Air Patrol is a vital force that protects Americans in need by responding to disaster, preserves the values that make our country great by developing young leaders, and ensures our country's preeminence in aerospace and cyberspace education.

For more information and to join C/SMSgt Folger, please visit https://highlanderscadetsquadron.weebly.com

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