Puddledock Press to Publish Seasonal Issues

Last December, as we ended our 40th Year Anniversary celebration on a sad note. There would be no more printed issues, nor would there be compiled digital issues.  The news would be reported as articles and events occurred directly on the website.  While that is still happening, I feel that we still can keep the paper alive in issue form, periodically, as time and news permits. Issues published in 2020 will be Volume 41 of the Puddledock Press.

As we are currently in the midst of a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic that threatens our society and our people,  I thought it would be appropriate to put together an issue that would contain some news and information about the virus, and how to deal with it, along with some local good news.  Many of us might not access the website, and may appreciate staying connected with our community. The issue will provide an historic record of this period, as we all shelter in place and try to stop the spread.

Submit your news or events for the Spring issue now!

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