Guidelines for Submitting an Article for Publication

Articles should be submitted to the Puddledock Press via email by the 15th of the month preceding the Month you want the article to be published.

Submit by File
Submit documents and photos online by putting your articles and photos in the Puddledock Submissions Folder .  Make sure you identify the author of the article and any photos you add to the folder.

Submit by Email
You can also email submission to PuddledockPress at  Please include include the following information:
  • Submitter's name, contact information, phone number.
  • Author's name, contact information, phone number (if different) 
  • The text of the article you wish to publish in the paper.
  • Text should as any details about the event or situation you are writing about.
  • Attach any photos that go with the articles.
  • Identify the person or persons in the photograph.
  • Identify the month you would like the article published.
The Puddledock Press does not guarantee that your article will be published in the paper.  
Time, space, and appropriateness of the article will determine publication.
The editor reserves the right to edit your text for space, style, or tone.


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