Farmington High School Students Debut Their Movie

On Thursday April 20th the students of Farmington School will be debuting their movie "All Things Must Pass".  It is about a group of eclectic students who compete for a film festival while struggling with the daily rigors of high school.  The run time is 75 minutes.  The movie will held in the main gym and doors open at 5:00 PM with the movie starting at 6:00 PM.  The event is free but people are asked to bring food and clothing donations.  Those donations are awarded tickets that can used for food, drink, and raffles.

Movie night is a biannual event that has been afoot for seven years.  Students of both the middle school and high school create and star in their own movie.  Past movies has been about drug use, crime, and range from action, adventure, horror, and science fiction.  Members of the program has been recognized state wide from Mayors, Senators, Governors, and have received several awards including Union Leaders' top 40 under 40, Seacoast top 10 to watch, and Governor's Art award.

The movie trailers for both the high school and middle school movies can be found on the Farmington School District website at

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