Farmington Halloween Parade 2015

The Farmington Halloween Parade was held on Friday, October 30 and began at 3:30 PM at the Town Hall.  The paraders lined up and then started their trek through Downtown, where they met our Farmington Business owners, who handed out candy and good wishes to our children.

Below are some of the highlights of the events.

Paraders lining up at the Town Hall

More Lining up before the Parade starts.

The line slowly starts to take shape.

The parade starts and children start to file past Krasner's Law Offices, receiving candy from Manny and Suzanne.

Innovative costumes were found all over.

Even our animal companions were welcomed as they got into the spirit.

More clever costumes.

Superman and a vampire await their next stop.

More creative costumes on our paraders.

Even a dinosaur made an appearance at the parade.

Warm welcomes from friends and neighbors were everywhere.

The march downtown continues.

More candy from Jean and Stu at the Village Boutique.

The Fire Department brought our a truck for the kids to see.  A safe crossing place to the other side.

More candy distribution.

A small group parades down Central Street.

Eager businesses await the lines of children.

The parade continues north on Main Street.

Even Chewbacca was there.

All in all, a good time was had by all.  Don't eat all your candy at once, kids!  What a nice day we had and the Rec Department's Rick and Alicia hosted a warm and welcoming event that our little town's youngest citizens will enjoy and remember for years to come.  

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