Hay Day 2015 Pictures and Bed Race Results

The Recreation Department Booth on Central and Main featured the Candyland theme for Hay Day 2015.
 An estimated 2000 people joined us in Farmington on the weekend of August 21 - 23 for the 34th Hay Day events.  Hay Day began 34 years ago, in 1981, as a totally volunteer driven event.  More recently, the Recreation Department took over the annual celebration and built it into a town event we could be proud to promote and share with family and friends that live outside our little community.
Every year, there is a theme selected for Hay Day.  This year, the theme was a Candyland Hay Day.  Both participants and their booths were decked out in candy driven costumes and decorations.  How sweet it was!
Three teams entered this year's Bed Race, the Rec Department, the Martial Arts Group and the Football Coaches.  The Rec Department team won the race by 5 seconds.  
A stable and fun feature of our Hay Day is the annual Bed Race.  This year, there were three teams competing in the Hay Day Bed Race.  The teams represented the Recreation Department, the Farmington Football Coaches, and the United Martial Arts Group.  The Recreation Department came out on top with a First Place win in the race!  The Bed Race is held annually during the Saturday Street Fair of the Farmington Hay Day Weekend Celebration.  Teams have to push a carefully engineered bed up Main Street, stopping at several places along the way so the team members can perform some tasks.  Then, race back down Main Street and return to the starting position.  Teams run the course one at a time, with the race being timed.  The team that completes all the tasks in the fastest time wins!  Simple in theory, a little more difficult in operation, and fun for everyone involved, both spectator and team member.
The Recreation Department Staff Team won First Place in Bed Race.
 It was a close race for the three teams competing in this year's Hay Day Bed Race, with a little more than half a minute separating first and third place, every second counted for these diligent bed racers.
The Recreation Department team came in with the fastest time and won the race, beating the second place United Martial Arts Team by only 5 seconds in the timed race.
3rd Place - Bed Bugs - Football Coaches team  4:58
2nd Place - United Martial Arts Team  4:53
1st Place - Recreation Department  4:26 
Congratulations to all participants and better luck next year.

The crowd lined the streets to observe the bed race participants do their stunts.

Hay Day Morning, Saturday, August 22, looking north on Main Street.

On Saturday, Hay Day vendors lined Central Avenue. 
Hay Day once again featured Rex the Turtle, who enjoyed his morning walking south on Main Street and visiting the vendors along the route.

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